Feed the Birds

Most of us have heard this song from Mary Poppins,

Here are some of our efforts in doing the same in real life:


Cows eating garbage!

Cows are the holy animals of India, and they are worshiped over here.

Then why is it that cows are eating garbage?

Here are a few instances I noticed on my way to work:



What do you think of this?


People see stray animals going through garbage on the street looking for food and they would just rather not see them. They don’t make the neighborhood look nicer—they just seem like they’re dirty and spread disease. They don’t really care where these animals go, as long as they’re gone.

I think many people look at stray animals and see them as a nuisance. But these are actual living feeling beings that lead incredibly brutal and painful lives. And it’s largely because of things that we humans have done.

I’m sure each of you has needed help at some time. We all need help. And these animals most definitely need our help.

There are over 600 million stray animals all over the world that suffer lives of misery — starving, cold, sick, and abused. It’s why I made this blog to spread awareness about this fact.